Our Journey begins with the story of Grace. A 10 year old student in a year 6 class at one of Yangon's international primary schools. 

Grace loved S.T.E.A.M., she was a member of the science club, she hosted a YouTube channel and she was curious about the world around her.

For an end of term project Grace was set a task. Given a plot of land in downtown Yangon and a limited budget she needed to design a business model for something she would like to see in her city.

Grace designed an education centre where students could spend the day doing S.T.E.A.M. based activities and having fun whilst learning. She included digital learning, student choice, and above all a fun, student-centered environment.


Grace got top marks from her teacher, Danny McCamlie, the founding CEO of JourneysYGN. 

Grace's project was never forgotten and in 2020 JourneysYGN was born. A place where Grace, and all students like her, can spend their time learning from experiences, growing from challenges, and being entertained by education.


And Grace? She's now our student ambassador and a key part of our team.